MOOCs in the mainstream media

MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses seem to find their way into many of the discussions about university education at the moment. A fellow learning technologist recently tweeted during a learning technology meeting,

“We went 25 minutes before MOOC was mentioned”.

MOOCs are attracting a lot of interest, though there is still uncertainty about the benefits that MOOCs can offer. Last Saturday, 6th July 2013, Radio 4 ran a feature on MOOCs interviewing Coursera and Mike Sharples from the Open University. The programme is well-worth a listen as provides a good overview of MOOCs, as a way of accessing low cost education and why universities should be considering them.

In May 2013 the eLearning Unit responded to this recent interest and invited Dr Chistine Sinclair, from the University of Edinburgh, to talk about her experience of running a MOOC called ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures‘.  This event was an opportunity to explore the potential benefits of MOOCs for the University of Liverpool. The session was well attended and many participants had thought-provoking questions and expressed a range of opinions about the MOOC phenomena.

The video below captures Dr Christine Sinclair’s observations about MOOCs:

And a link to Dr Sinclair’s presentation:


If you want to find out more information, here are a few resources or links to explore further. Please share any useful links or resources in your comments too.

Tunde Varga-Atkins, session organiser; media by Phil Walker, eLearning Unit