Student VITAL help – get started

These pages offer basic support for students using VITAL and some of the tools that are used in modules, like Turnitin assignments and Campus Pack wikis. There are separate sections dealing with different aspects of using VITAL so for example Turnitin guidance is found in the Assessments and Assignments section.

What is VITAL?

VITAL (Virtual Interactive Teaching at Liverpool) is the University of Liverpool’s online learning environment and is available via any web browser on any machine connected to the Internet.

VITAL enables quick and easy access to course materials and provides communication tools such as discussion boards and announcements. There are also online self-assessment quizzes, tools for uploading coursework as well as support for collaborative project work.

Each module you are enrolled on has a space in VITAL. For each module, it is the module leaders and tutors, or administrators, who can create and add to VITAL learning resources, lecture notes, assessment and assignment information or make available various tools such as journals and wikis.

The VITAL Baseline is the University’s standard for all modules in VITAL which specifies key content you can expect in your VITAL modules and this is described below.

How to login to VITAL & which browsers to use

You can login to VITAL from any computer connected to the Internet at

Check your browser is compatible with VITAL by clicking this link for a report. Firefox tends to work best for VITAL.

You can login either from the Digital University home page (click the VITAL link in the TOOLS menu) or directly from a web browser. VITAL is unavailable for a very short period every night when it is updated with the latest enrolment and module information.

This How to log in to VITAL written guide goes into step-by-step detail on the different ways of logging-in to VITAL.

VITAL on your mobile device

You can also get an app for your mobile device and access VITAL that way. Downloads for your device can be found here.

A full support site for using VITAL on your mobile is found here.

How to navigate around VITAL

Once you’ve logged-in the “How to navigate around VITAL” guide shows you what’s on the home page, how to access your modules and how to find your way around a basic module.

How to customise and manage your VITAL homepage

The How to manage your homepage on VITAL guide shows you how you can customise your homepage layout and content, the list of modules and change the colour scheme of your VITAL homepage.

What is the VITAL Baseline?

The VITAL Baseline specifies some simple, key information and content that students most want to see in all VITAL modules. It has been developed in full consultation with the Faculties, CSD, Library, the Guild and the eLearning Unit. It is aimed at improving the consistency of provision across modules when using VITAL and is based on the findings of the Liverpool Guild of Students’ survey and report ‘Making the most of IT’. This video give the student perspective of why it is important and what it is.

This VITAL Baseline quick overview guide lists the six elements of the Baseline and summarises what they mean.

How to get further help & support

Problems logging into VITAL
For any queries relating to logging into VITAL, or your University Managed Windows Service username and password, please contact the CSD Servicedesk


telephone +44 151 794 4567.

Problems accessing a specific VITAL module
Please contact your module tutor or your relevant school office in the first instance.

Problems accessing content & using different tools within VITAL
For any queries relating to particular modules (e.g. if you can’t find some lecture notes or content, or can’t upload an assignment, or passed your due date for a submission), please contact your module tutor or your relevant school office. The VITAL module content is kept up-to-date by your module tutors.

Additional information
Please consult the various ‘how to guides’ within this website for more detailed information about using the different tools and facilities within VITAL.