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What is the Blackboard Assignment Tool?

The Blackboard Assignment Tool is one of the key electronic submission and marking tools at the University of Liverpool. The tool is integrated into Blackboard (VITAL) and supports single and group assignment submission, online marking, delegated marking, and anonymous marking. Certain file types will also let you use the Blackboard inline marking tool (Crocadoc) so that you can annotate, highlight and draw on the student’s work.  However, it is important to note that it does not provide plagiarism detection functionality.

The tool supports the following assessment requirements:

  • Students can submit Single or Multiple files
  • Students will receive an email receipt once they have submitted their work
  • Students can submit a Group Work assignment *(provided that Groups have been created in VITAL before the assignment is created)
  • There are no restrictions on file type.* (If you plan to mark electronically, Grade, criteria marking and overall feedback comment is also available.  However, to use the Inline Grading facility file types are restricted)
  • There are no file size limits to submissions * (However, students may find very large files may not upload with time out issues. Video files should not be uploaded (use Stream media server instead and submit the link.)
  • Anonymous submission is supported via desktop and on mobile
  • Students can resubmit an assignment after the due date * (provided specific settings have been selected)

Can I use the Blackboard Assignment tool offline?

Yes, the Blackboard Grader App is available for the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store. At present there is no app available to for the Windows or Android platforms. Please read the guidance and advice in the table below.

Should I use the Blackboard Assignment Tool for my assessment?

Currently, the University of Liverpool supports two electronic submission tools: Turnitin and the Blackboard Assignment Tool. If you are planning to use one of these it is important that you make the right choice at the start. We have created a simple table that should help you identify the right tool to meet your assessment needs. Click here to view the table (opens in a new window).  (LINK TO BE ADDED)

Should you need further help in selecting the appropriate tool then please get in touch with the elearning unit.


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