Introducing Stream Capture


The University of Liverpool’s home-grown system for session/lecture and screen capture was officially launched at this year’s Learning and Teaching 2015 conference by its developer Duncan Brown, who has been working on the system and its partner streaming media service for a couple of years. Hats off, rounds of applause and all things congratulatory to him and the rest of the team in our Computer Services Department, this is a huge achievement. An institutional system for screen and session capture has been high on many teaching staff’s wishlists and it’s fantastic to now have this in place.

The eLearning Unit ran a couple of sessions in July on the learning and teaching applications of Stream Capture along with a chance to try the kit out first-hand (see below for details of when this session runs again). Staff have been highly enthused by how simple the system is to use and by the possibilities for their own practice, from creating short, explanatory, online resources at a desktop to recording full lectures, principally audio and slides, for students to revisit key moments and to help with exam revision, all of which can then be included directly in VITAL module pages.

Creating a screen capture

A few staff have been using Stream as a part of the development, testing and trialling process and we’ll post some examples of these over the coming academic year. In the meantime, the eLearning Unit are putting on a couple of sessions at the very start of term (Wednesday 23rd and Wednesday 30th September 2015) where we look at what you can do with Stream Capture, have a go at the system, and discuss related issues, bookable at the CLL page here. We’ll be also be making the resources from this session available to all staff through a VITAL module in the new academic year. For the nuts and bolts of using Stream Capture either as a desktop or a lecture capture system, CSD’s guidance pages here are also an excellent place to start.

There is a lot of discussion and work going on around policy, copyright and deployment of the system across the institution and we’ll post on these next academic year, but for now you are strongly encouraged to have a go with Stream Capture and see its potential for your own learning and teaching.



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