Turnitin Roadmap Forum – Have Your Say – update

Suggest and vote for ideas and improvements

A while back we wrote about the Turnitin Feedback forum where you could suggest and vote for new features, facilities, tools and improvements to the Turnitin, GradeMark and PeerMark products.

This facility has since been renamed to the Turnitin Roadmap and expanded to include details of when new versions of Turnitin will be released and what will be the new features in those releases. It also clearly labels all ideas in the forum with their status in the development schedule and how far away the implementation of each idea might be.

If you use the Turnitin, PeerMark and/or GradeMark products as a member of staff then you also have easy access to the Roadmap through VITAL and staff at Liverpool have been adding product suggestions, voting for and adding comments on ideas such as allowing group work submissions, facilitating multiple markers and making anonymous marking workflows more flexible.

In VITAL, find the Roadmap by going in to any Turnitin assignment class list (Control Panel>Course Tools>TurnitinUK assignments and select an assignment) and then in the upper right of the page find the link “Roadmap” as shown in the screenshot below.


Clicking on this tab takes you to the front page of the Roadmap forum. The top half of the page has the scheduled release dates with links to details of what these will contain.

Scroll down the page and you will see the current most-voted for feature requests. You can open these to read the detail, add a comment and vote for the idea (you get an initial 20 votes). You can also use the search box on the main page to search for a particular feature request to see if it has already been submitted and so you can add your vote. If it is does not yet exist click the ‘Post a new idea…’ button, write up your idea and wait for the votes to start rolling in. Encourage your colleagues to vote for your request and get it moved up the ‘Top ideas’ list.

You can also view the ideas grouped by the subject-specific categories in the right-hand side menu which include ‘Turnitin for iPad’, ‘Grade Mark’ and ‘OriginalityCheck’.

The forum is constantly reviewed by the Turnitin support and software development teams and many of the latest developments to Turnitin and GradeMark have come from this forum.



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