3 words: Congratulations, Dr Prescott!

This is a big congratulatory blog post to our Head of the eLearning Unit, Dr Debbie Prescott, who successfully defended her thesis on “Influential factors in the adoption and implementation of educational technology at the University of Liverpool“ on Monday 28th  Oct 2013, graduating from Lancaster University’s Doctoral Programme in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning. Debbie was supervised by Dr Gale Parchoma and her examiners were Prof Mark Stiles and Dr Julie-Ann Sime.

Educational Development and eLearning Unit congratulate Dr Debbie Prescott on getting Ph.inishe.D.

You can also glimpse at the celebratory, post-viva champagne photo at Lancaster’s website, and below are a few congratulatory quotes from colleagues (please feel to add yours in the comments box):

Dr Anne Qualter, Director of Academic Development and Lifelong Learning, Head of the Centre for Lifelong Learning, “I am really proud of Debbie’s achievement and of the whole team who were so generous in supporting her – well done.”

Dr Ian Willis, Head of Educational Development, “Many congratulations to Debbie, it’s a real achievement to complete a PhD and at the same time be so involved with key developments in e-learning across the university. I really appreciated Debbie’s willingness to share the different stages of the whole process, I think we all learnt from it.”

From Jaye McIsaac, Educational Development, “Your PhD is a really interesting study that demonstrates the value of educational research informing and supporting institutional practice and policy.  Congratulations Debbie.”

Tünde Varga-Atkins, eLearning Unit, “Having witnessed your enthusiasm and sheer amount of work that you put in to get this amazing achievement is inspiring. You are a good role model to follow! 🙂 ”

Well done, can’t help but say it again, Doctor Prescott,  from all of us at eLU and Eddev!

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