Webinar – Marking by criteria in VITAL – 20th February

A quick post to advertise a webinar the eLearning Unit will be running on Wednesday 20th February 2013 on the new Rubrics interactive marking facility in VITAL. Full details below.

VITAL webinar – Easier Marking By Criteria – Using the Rubrics Card

If you are marking and offering feedback electronically to students in VITAL modules, the new marking by criteria facility (using the ‘Rubrics’ tool) could be useful as a part of this process. Rubrics can be used for marking Blackboard assignments, blogs and wikis for example.

Example of an interactive criteria marking card (‘Rubrics’)

The eLearning Unit will be running a lunchtime webinar on the ‘Rubrics’ criteria-marking facility on Wednesday 20th February between 13:00 and 14:00. Go to our booking page here to sign up and we will send you instructions for joining near to the session date.

About Webinars: The webinar format means you join the session online from your office PC rather than having to go to a training room on campus. The session will comprise the elements of a face-to-face session but run virtually. All you will need to participate in the session is a pair of headphones for your computer and an internet connection. (A microphone can also be useful but not essential as text ‘chat’ can be used for communication in the session.)

About VITAL Rubrics: Interactive, electronic versions of criteria sheets can be created, attached to most assessable items in a VITAL module and used for marking. Cards can be used to generate a grade or can be used qualitatively, they can be made visible to your students before they submit their work or after, and they allow for extra written feedback if required for every level on each criterion. Further, criteria cards can be shared amongst marking teams, as well as adapted, re-purposed and re-used.

Rubrics Webinar:  The session will cover:

  1. What are rubrics and rubrics cards?
  2. What can be marked in VITAL by rubric card and an example of use (includes student view).
  3. Setting up rubrics cards in VITAL.
  4. Question and Answer.

There will be opportunities to ask questions as we go along and to try out the Rubrics facility.

(Please note that this session does not cover the Turnitin GradeMark rubric card – contact the eLU for details of our next session on GradeMark or to arrange a workshop.) Contact the eLearning Unit with any questions you may have on the above.

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