Add an audio comment to GradeMark papers – new feature

A new  feature for users of the GradeMark facility is the ability to add one audio comment to each student’s paper. The comment can be up to three minutes long and you can replay and re-record it if you need to. The audio comment feature is found in the ‘General Comments’ area of the GradeMark view of the student’s paper (click on the icon highlighted in the image below, found in the lower right of the GradeMark window, to access the General Comments area).

The facility for adding an audio comment is at the top of the ‘General Comments’ box. Click the microphone icon (highlighted below) to begin recording – GradeMark should detect the microphone you are using.

Once you have made your recording and you are happy with it you then upload it to the paper using the icon highlighted in the screenshot below. Students access your audio comment in exactly the same place in their view of the GradeMark paper. The dustbin icon will delete your comment and let you record another one.

If you would like any more advice or information about audio comments in GradeMark   then please do contact the eLearning Unit .


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