VITAL technical support – email address change

The email address for VITAL technical support is changing. From Monday April 16th 2012 any technical VITAL query should be sent to the CSD Helpdesk. VITAL technical queries comprise all staff and student module enrolments, system crashes, and problems with VITAL tools and facilities not working or generating error messages. CSD Helpdesk will then send your query to the most appropriate University team to deal with your particular issue. This should streamline and improve the support for technical VITAL queries.

Emails sent to the vital @ address from April 16th will automatically be redirected to the CSD Helpdesk. This change is happening so that support for VITAL and learning technology at the University can be improved in the following ways:

  • End the confusion as to where to send technical VITAL queries. Instead, CSD Helpdesk will forward the emails to the correct teams, reducing the time taken for common problems to be resolved.
  • Free up the eLearning Unit’s resources to concentrate on supporting learning and teaching activities across the University.
  • Take full advantage of the University’s query ticketing system (RMS), where all queries sent to Helpdesk are logged and categorised so that the University can identify (and act upon) commonly-occurring VITAL bugs and issues, frequently asked questions, feature requests and enhancements.

The eLearning Unit will continue to offer learning and teaching advice on any pedagogical aspect of learning technology and VITAL. This will be through a number of established and evolving routes, including:

  • Workshops, Summer and Winter Schools.
  • Contact by email and phone.
  • Bespoke workshops, one-to-one support, Studio Wednesday drop in sessions.
  • Dedicated modules in VITAL.
  • ‘How to’ guides, videos and information pages.
  • Modules within the PG Cert/CPS programmes.
  • eLearning Network meetings, mailing list, blog, Twitter.
  • Online CPD development work.
  • University Steering Groups, Committees and Working Groups.
  • Curriculum review activities.
  • Research projects.
  • BB NW England User Group.

Please do contact us with any questions or comments on this change.


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