Online marking and feedback with Turnitin GradeMark

The eLearning Unit recently ran a couple of demonstration and training sessions on the use of the Turnitin GradeMark system for the online marking of student work. GradeMark can be accessed instantly from any Turnitin assignment and is a system that is quickly picked up and straightforward to start using.

For a quick demonstration and introductory video on the main features of GradeMark, visit this page and scroll down to the Instructor Videos section. Click on the “Using GradeMark” link.

As a very quick overview of how GradeMark works:

  • Students submit their work to a Turnitin assignment.
  • As well as viewing Originality Reports for plagiarism-checking, staff can switch to the GradeMark mode to view the student work. The screenshot below shows the main commenting/feedback tools (click to see image enlarged).
Example GradeMark comment types - click to view large image
    • Add short text comments directly on the page.
    • Add ‘pop-up’ comments directly on the page for longer feedback comments (can include hyperlinks)
    • Add ready-made comments to the page (and create your own libraries of these for ‘frequently-used’ comments)
    • Highlight text for comment
    • Add an extended general feedback for the assignment
  • You can also utilise criteria marking cards of your own making to automatically mark work.
  • On the pre-set release date these marked assignments are made available to view, print out and download in the same place students submitted originally.

Some of the perceived advantages of using such systems include:

  • Feedback can be given to students in a timely manner.
  • Administrative burdens reduced – no need to collect in, distribute, return etc. paper copies.
  • Typed feedback is easier for students to read, and online marked scripts allow students to access in their own time and in private to engage with written feedback.
  • Costs savings on printing out papers.
  • External examiners can be given access to modules to view directly.
  • GradeMark generates statistical information on QuickMark comments to help identify potential problem areas for individual students and across groups.

If you would like to find out more about using the GradeMark system (or any aspect of online feedback and marking) then please do get in touch with the eLearning Unit. Look out also for our Winter School session about electronic feedback, which will largely feature the GradeMark facility. We are also very happy to talk through how GradeMark works at our Studio Wednesday drop-in session – just drop us a line to let us know you are planning on visiting.

Dan Roberts


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