Online CPD Opportunities

When the eLearning Unit came into existence last year one of the objectives it was challenged with was to help in the development of online and blended CPD opportunities across the university.

As a central team, we can help departments and individuals create online/blended offerings, building on face-to-face courses already delivered or create new distance learning opportunities. We have the expertise and experience to turn academic subject specialism into interactive, innovative online modules. If you have an idea and/or a potential market for CPD materials or activities please get in touch.

We have already received numerous CPD/PGT approaches from different areas of the institution. Three projects have progressed to the development stage and the first of these was finalised and ran for a live cohort during August 2011.

In partnership with IMPACT, based in the Division of Public Health, the eLU designed and produced a 100% online equivalent of a one day face-to-face workshop in Health Impact Assessment. The module ran over 3 weeks and was facilitated by Hilary Dreaves.

There were some initial issues regarding student registration, which needed to be overcome, but the online experience was a successful one for all concerned. This has been confirmed by some very positive student feedback in the module evaluation. The cohort that took part in this first run of the module were truly at a distance, including professionals from South Africa and Malta.

There are now plans to enhance the module design and delivery and run it again this year and early next year in its new form. There has been significant interest in this module from prospective participants in Romania, Kenya and Canada amongst others. We are also in discussions with IMPACT to convert the 5 day comprehensive HIA course into a series of online modules.

We will produce a case study, including the background and design of this module and detail what was needed to make the project a reality within the institutional structures and processes at Liverpool. We hope this will provide a useful guide to others who are interested in designing and delivering online CPD modules and programmes. If you have any questions or requests about this please get in touch (

The eLU are also currently engaged in producing online modules for Cancer Studies and Translational Medicine. We will announce subsequent developments in these areas via this blog.

Paul Duvall.


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