eLearning Summer School – Thanks and Report

Many thanks to everyone who joined our very first e-learning summer school and made it such a success. We were pleased to meet so many new people and we look forward to continuing our conversations with you over the next academic year. (Please remember our new “Studio Wednesday” afternoon sessions, where we will be on hand to offer practical advice in our e-Learning Studio at 126 Mount Pleasant. Ask any follow up questions or try out something new.)

Summer School Workshop

The summer school workshops took place in the remodelled teaching room (G.07) in 126 Mount Pleasant (pictured above) which is now a much more comfortable, informal space for the kinds of practical sessions we prefer to run. A particular success was being able to work easily in groups during the ‘wiki’ session thanks to the new layout.

We got lots of useful feedback from these sessions and many thanks to everyone who completed our summer school survey.  A summary of the feedback so far includes:

  • The majority of people appreciated the time, space and opportunity to try things out for themselves in VITAL and to practise new ideas and even new software applications with the eLearning Unit staff. (It was suggested for a couple of our workshops that there could have been more of this practical work and we will improve them in this way for the next time they run.)
  • A number of people thought that follow-up or ‘part 2’ sessions would be useful to recap or move to more advanced material. We thought that our “Studio Wednesday” afternoons might cater for this need, as people tend to have quite different interests once they have completed the initial workshop.
  • People’s intentions after the workshop included: sharing knowledge with colleagues, directly using the particular tool/facility in VITAL for their teaching next year, and practising things a bit more before using them ‘live’.

A few numbers on the workshops: we ran 7 workshops between the 13th and 21st of June with 61 places booked on these. Several people attended more than one workshop, as we had hoped the ‘summer school’ concept would encourage. 79% of participants found their session ‘useful’ or ‘extremely useful’.

The workshops ran were: Creating effective online resources in VITAL; Using the content management system in VITAL modules; Creating e-lectures and podcasts; Creating and managing electronic feedback; Collaborative groupwork using wikis;  Running groups in VITAL; VITAL introduction for administrators. All of these workshops and others will be available over the next academic year (2011/12) and details of these will be published in all of the usual places (Ed Dev booking page – this blog – poster announcements etc).

Many thanks again to all attendees. If you have any further comments on the e-learning summer school then do get in touch, either with a comment on this blog post or directly to the eLearning Unit email address elearning@liv.ac.uk.

Nick, Tunde and Dan


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