VITAL Summer Upgrade – 6 Key Points


This Summer, VITAL will be moved to new hardware and have a software upgrade.

A full information website is now available. Summarised below are the six “must know” facts about this summer’s upgrade, as presented at the recent e-learning network meeting.

  1. Upgrade date – Monday 18th July 2011. Avoid setting critical online tests or assignment submissions and other important online activities run through VITAL and for the rest of this week.
  2. There will be no Course Copy facility this year to copy content from 2010/11 modules to 2011/12 modules. Instead use this request form and CSD will carry out the copy for you.
  3. 2011/12 modules and copied content will not appear in VITAL until the upgrade date – Monday 18th July 2011.
  4. From the upgrade date onwards, only 2011/12 modules will appear in VITAL.
  5. From the upgrade date, all other modules (2010/11 and back) will appear in the VITAL archive.
  6. Personal Test Modules – if you need your personal test module included in the new version of VITAL then you should request this on the special section of the course copy request form. Personal Test Modules will not be included automatically in the new VITAL.

N.B. 1. to view and work on 2011/12 modules before Monday 18th July then access the upgrade preview system.
N.B.. 2. to copy content between modules yourself then this will possible using the Export/Import facility.

Please visit our upgrade website for full information.


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