Seminar Report – Open Educational Resources – UoL

Lunchtime seminar held in the Wolfson Suite of the Harold Cohen Library.

Just attended a really useful session on Open Educational Resources (OERs) given by Andrew Green (MatterDepartment of Engineering – University of Liverpool). This was an excellent and comprehensive grounding in OERs, based on the experience of the School of Engineering’s CORE materials project for JISC. Key areas covered in the presentation and discussion were:

  • definitions of OERs and the varying degrees of ‘openness’ of different types of resource, from a plain text file to an iPhone app
  • technical, procedural and legal issues of releasing content for open use
  • utilising major repositories for sharing and searching for OERs and open resources (JORUM, Flickr, YouTube, ScribD, SlideShare, WikiMedia Commons)
  • Creative Commons licensing arrangements and implications (also Public Domain resources and other license types)

Andrew was keen to discuss whether what has been learnt in Engineering about OERs can be reused in this institution and highlighted a potential cross-University project collaboration in the pipeline. More on this as details emerge. We were also shown a mock-up of an imagined institutional repository for Liverpool as a discussion point.

Some final discussion centred on where in the University of Liverpool does someone turn for guidance on publishing resources as open content – where  is the official/strategic direction? This is a topic on the eLearning Unit’s agenda, both as an interest within the team and at a strategic level and we will post more here on any further developments.



One thought on “Seminar Report – Open Educational Resources – UoL

  • Thanks to those of you who came along; I hope I covered the main points and that it was pitched at about the right level. I have sent Carole Rhodes a copy of the presentation I used and she will let me know when it’s been posted on the library website. During the presentation, I made a couple of references to an OECD publication enitlted Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources, which can be freely downloaded as a PDF. It expands on some of the definitions of OERs and also the various benefits of, and barriers to, their release.

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