Grade Centre Introduction – new workshop report

The eLearning Unit ran a new workshop on the Grade Centre this week. There are many ways in which the Grade Centre is at the heart of assessment, assignment and feedback activities in a VITAL module, and where many of these tools and facilities gain a lot of their administrative and learning and teaching potential. It is a useful student monitoring and communication tool. It is also capable of producing a variety of reports and views of the data it contains and you can work with the data in a number of useful ways.

The workshop was designed as a total beginner’s guide to the Grade Centre. It was also seen as a useful “refresher” session for people who had not used VITAL for a couple of years. The main areas covered included:

  • Grade Centre basics (What is the Grade Centre? What is it for? Navigation buttons, icons and menus)
  • Student view of what is in the Grade Centre
  • Managing assessments, tests and surveys in the Grade Centre (marking, feedback, troubleshooting, statistics and reports)
  • Turnitin and the Grade Centre
  • Managing views of the Grade Centre
  • Upload/download Grades and Grade Centre columns
  • Further help and guidance

Blackboard’s own help videos and guides on the Grade Centre are available through the “Blackboard On Demand” help web site (in any VITAL module go to the Control Panel, click on the “Help” submenu and then on the “On Demand” link – Grade Centre materials are found in the “Assessing Learners” section).

This Grade Centre workshop will be run again as a part of the eLU Summer School in June. Look out for details on this blog and the EdDev booking pages.

Dan Roberts


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