Live UGA Skype Session

The virtual seminar between the University of Georgia (UGA) and students in the History Department here at Liverpool took place on Tuesday the 8th of March.

View of whole UoL class
Dr Braun and his students

The hour long session, concentrating on the assignments that students had co-produced in Georgia and Liverpool, went well and concluded without any technical problems once the initial set-up had been completed by the eLearning Unit.

The academic leads for this pilot, Dr Braun and Dr Ehlers, are both keen to attempt similar sessions in the future wherever there is common academic content and whenever the timetable allows. Any future sessions will benefit from the experience of this initial technical trial and the excellent student feedback which was gathered immediately after the session.

Dr Braun will be submitting a paper to the University of Liverpool’s Learning and Teaching conference which will outline this pilot project, the learning outcomes and plans for the future. These future activities are likely to include the development of a supporting online environment for the students in Britain and America which will allow consistent communication and preparation in advance of the live online session.

Please find below a small video clip captured during the session with a Flip camera. Hopefully this will give some indication about the set-up of the room and the situation.

The technology utilised on the day was simply a free Skype account, a cheap web-cam and a table microphone.

Technical setup at UoL
View of the UGA class

The eLearning Unit feel this is a sustainable way of achieving quality online communication with external contacts (including XJTLU).

If you would like to know more about this session or even need assistance and advice in facilitating your own virtual sessions please contact the eLearning Unit ( uk).

Paul Duvall


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