eLearning Network meeting 7th March 2011

The first eLearning Network meeting since the eLearning Unit (eLU) was created was held on Monday 7th March. We are always very pleased with how many colleagues turn up to these meetings and as usual we were happy to see another full room (35+ people!!) and some new faces :-).

The eLearning Network meetings are open to anyone in the university. We hope the meetings are an opportunity for you to find out what the eLearning Unit and CSD are currently doing and planning for the ‘e-learning future’. More importantly these meetings are an opportunity for you to meet with colleagues and find out what e-learning activities they are involved in.

After some concern over whether the worryingly slow PC would actually launch into action we finally got underway…

The agenda for the meeting covered a range of topics with contribution from CSD and eLU and the group as a whole in a discussion about what should be included in the VLE Review.

I started off by giving a blatant plug  for this blog 😉 and reminded everyone about the different ways that we are trying to communicate e-learning activities and developments across the university. We hope that the elearn-net mailing list becomes a place where staff can ask questions and share ideas so please feel free to post your thoughts and queries. 🙂

Anne Qualter (Head of the eLU) then gave an overview of the plan for the eLU and some of the challenges during the next year. Duncan Brown (CSD) gave details about the new hardware that VITAL will be updated to run on, which should improve performance and stability. Duncan also talked about the introduction of the Mobile Learn software and how this is being promoted throughout the University. We then had a discussion about what should be included in a VLE Review.

Thanks to everyone that attended – we feel this is a very useful way to share information, network with colleagues and hear about your views. Please feel free to post any comments you have about the meeting into the comments option below.

The next meeting is on Thursday 5th May 12.00-1.30pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

eLearning Unit

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