VITAL introduction for administrators – workshop report

This introductory workshop was run today (8th March 2011) for administrative and support staff needing to know how to work with VITAL for their day-to-day role. Most staff were completely new to VITAL and others were bringing lists of questions and problems they wanted advice on in the session.

The emphasis of the workshop is to start from the basics and get confidence in finding your way around VITAL, learn how to use some of the simple and most-used content creation tools, and find out where to turn with any problems or queries. We started in a computer lab for hands-on practical work with Dan demonstrating the system and with staff following in their VITAL account and asking questions as we went along. We went from the basics of logging-in to the system and finding your way around, to topics like:

• How to create an announcement;
• How to upload files such as documents or PowerPoints to VITAL;
• How to send emails to students, staff and groups;
• How to add images, audio, video;
• How to manage a VITAL home page and lists of modules.

VITAL Introduction for administrators: computer lab session

Over a lunch we then gave an overview of the VITAL system, how it fits in with other University systems, the different roles that users can have in VITAL, and some common problems that occur between these systems and where to find help to get them resolved.

Finally we had an optional extra hour booked in to the computer lab after lunch where staff could try out what had been learned, go over anything not understood, or ask any other questions about how to do things that were required for their day-to-day role.

This introductory workshop has proved particularly popular across the University and has been run twice now this academic year. There are no plans to run the workshop again until next academic year, but if there is sufficient demand we are able to do so this summer – please get in touch with the eLearning Unit to express your interest in this. Otherwise, please look out for the next instance of the session (and other VITAL workshops) at the booking page here on the EdDev website.



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