UGA Virtual Seminar

University of Georgia

A virtual seminar is planned for Tuesday the 8th March this year, held between the University of Georgia and the School of History here at The University of Liverpool.

Dr Harald Braun will be leading the session here with approximately 20 students. His academic colleague, Dr Ben Ehlers, will be leading the student group in Georgia. The students will be presenting work to each other and participating in cross-Atlantic discussion around the subject of colonialism. Skype will be used to provide video and audio communication for the session.

The eLearning Unit has been supporting this project and yesterday a successful connection test was completed between the two sites. A section of this test was recorded using SMART Board software. You can view a short edited clip of this test below.

We hope this initial pilot project will provide useful groundwork for similar virtual sessions in the future between our campus and numerous locations around the world. Colleagues who are involved with our XJTLU campus may be particularly interested in the outcome of this session.

More details about the live session to follow . . .

Paul Duvall


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