Presentation by Hilary Thomas from JISC RSC Northwest

We were pleased to welcome Hilary Thomas, eLearning Adviser for Higher Education from the JISC Regional Support Centre Northwest to Liverpool on 24th February to give a presentation entitled “Making the most of technology in your teaching”.

Hilary began by giving a useful overview of JISC and the activities that JISC supports and is involved with (loads of stuff!).

Hilary then considered the use of technology in your teaching from four perspectives; staff creativity, the student focus, your subject discipline and the technology.

Technology shouldn’t just be used just for the sake of it – it should contribute to what you want to achieve. This isn’t always easy though when there might be an institutional (or other) requirement to use certain technologies.

We discussed some of the perceptions of technology, whether it is the institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or a… uurm… TV Hat (think I’ll pass!!). How it is important to recognise your own preconceptions and expectations of technology and play to your strengths, i.e. are you more comfortable providing information to your students via video, audio or text? By way of a demonstration of how easy it can be (equipment permitting) to create audio, Hilary had us all singing Twinkle, Twinkle, little star (all together now…). Thankfully we didn’t have to sing for long to make the point πŸ˜‰

We heard about the Raising Aspirations – Blackburn’s Moodle Award Scheme event and how one of the tutors preferred to use the drawing board of Adobe Connect (available at Liverpool) instead of a text medium. We also discussed the use of Skype and had quite a good discussion about the positive and negatives of students and lecturers using facebook.

Hilary demonstrated the ZoomIt, MyStudyBar and Natural Reader tools which might be useful for your students or in your own teaching, I can certainly think of ways they could be useful for me. Hilary also provided a list of resources for example and some useful links on her PowerPoint slides that colleagues might want to browse through.

The slides from the presentation are now available to University of Liverpool staff. The video recording of this event will be available soon and will linked from this post.

If you were at the presentation and think there’s anything that I have forgotten to include – or if there was anything you found particularly useful about the presentation please post a comment.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this a fun and useful event! πŸ™‚



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