Collaborate to compete: Seizing the opportunity of online learning for UK higher education: Report to HEFCE by the Online Learning Task Force

“The Online Learning Task Force was established in mid- 2009 by HEFCE, and was asked to address how UK higher education (HE) might maintain and extend its position as a world leader in online learning. It was also invited to consider international opportunities, ways to encourage flexibility in UK provision, online pedagogy, how to support institutions to take full advantage of rapidly developing technology and rich sources of content, and to ensure quality provision to meet rapidly changing student demands.”

The report makes the following recommendations

  1. Technology needs to enhance student choice and meet or exceed learners’ expectations
  2. Investment is needed to facilitate the development and building of consortia to achieve scale and brand in online learning
  3. More and better market intelligence about international demand and competition is  required
  4. Institutions need to take a strategic approach to realign structures and processes in order to embed online learning
  5. Training and development should be realigned to enable the academic community to play a leading role in online learning
  6. Investment is needed for the development and exploitation of open educational resources to enhance efficiency and quality

To view the full report visit




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