VITAL 2010 Summer Upgrade Workshops – Report

The team ran several workshops this September to demonstrate the new version of VITAL (upgraded August 31st 2010), to show the bug fixes from last year and to let staff users try some of the new features.

Some of the features staff were most interested in were:

  • Improvements to the Grade Center – anonymous marking, mark by question, mark by attempt
  • ‘Mashup’ content type – easily drop in YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare content
  • Improvements to Test Tool question finding and question sets
  • Statistics tracking, Microsoft Office files, Assignment Flle Download, Hid Modules all working again

There will not be any further instances of this workshop but the PowerPoint slides and some demonstration movies have been posted in the Learning and Teaching Support module in VITAL (to which all staff have access).

If your school or department would like a VITAL “refresher” session or a session on this year’s upgrade then please do get in touch with the team to arrange this.

Get VITAL updates, info and workshop alerts at:
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